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"I LOVE my therapist! I could not have found one this quickly on my own."

- Los Feliz, Ca

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"You are awesome. Petar has already helped me make an enormously positive impact on my happiness and relationships."

- Pasadena, Ca

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"Butlr makes it really easy to find a great therapist."

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Stop speed dating therapists.

Finding a therapist used to feel like looking for love on Tinder - it was tedious, awkward, and a bit of a wild ride.
Where to start? How do you know if they will get you?

How do you even know what a "good therapist" is?

Here's where we come in

We get you

You’re unique. And we love that. We’ll match you with a therapist on more than location, gender and what they specialize in. You need a real connection. Our only goal is to get you a therapist who you’ll actually look forward to talking to.

Designed to make your life easier

Getting the right help shouldn't be a hassle or cost you your life savings. We match you with a therapist based on your preferred communication style, specific concerns, and budget.

Modern technology

Forget playing phone tag just to reschedule your session. Schedule with a simple text message. Get a reminder of your upcoming session. You can even pay for your session without going to the ATM for that dreaded cash exchange at the end of the session. We got you.

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Common Questions

How much does it cost to use Butlr Health to match me with a therapist?

There are zero membership fees to use Butlr Health to help you find a therapist, counselor or coach. The only fees you pay are for your actual sessions with your provider.

How long does it take to get an appointment with a therapist?

Less than 24 hours. We're integrated with each therapist's availability which makes booking an appointment lightning fast.

How are your therapists vetted and verified?

We only source high-quality providers. Each therapist must have their license in good standing without any citations reported. All therapists interview with our team before being able to work with Butlr clients. We look for providers who are experienced, non-judgmental, easy to talk to and better at their jobs than most of their peers. Many of our therapist teach at universities or are authors in their field. We do all the heavy legwork vetting therapists so you don't have to.

How much does therapy cost?

Therapy sessions range in cost between $75 - $250 without insurance. The cost depends on the metro you live in (for example NYC vs Portland) and a therapist's years of experience, specialization and education.

Can I use my insurance to pay for therapy?

Yes you can. But it depends on your insurance coverage. Health insurance coverage can reduce your out of pocket costs down to $0 - $50 per session. Our therapists also offer reduced rates for individuals who are experiencing financial distress.

In some cases, your insurance will provide "out of network" coverage to see a therapist. All Butlr therapists can provide you a Superbill (super healthcare nerd word for invoice) that you can submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.

How can I get access to your mental fitness app?

Butlr partners with employers, universities and health plans to make mental wellness accessible and affordable to everyone. If you need help signing in, please reach out to us at

Want your organization to give you access? Submit your organization to our waitlist, and we'll reach out to get your team going!


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Research shows that getting access to timely care is the most critical part of mental wellness. Directories are useless when looking to make a connection with another human. Our human-centered matching includes science, data and humans to find you the perfect therapist, counselor or coach.

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