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"I became a therapist to help people. I don't want to be an SEO expert or call my clients when their credit card expires. With Butlr, I focus on my clients. "

"I'm a better therapist with Butlr."

"I used to receive a lot of calls from Psychology Today but they rarely turned into actual clients. Butlr has helped match me with clients who I work best with."

"I've increased my clients and don't have to spend time processing payments at the end of the night anymore! Thank you Butlr!"

"My favorite clients are from Butlr Health!"

How it works


We get to know you

We'll learn about how you do therapy, your expertise and the clients you work best with. We ask a ton of questions to understand which clients you'd be a great match for based on more than just location. Clients want a true therapeutic alliance and that begins with a great connection.


More than just referrals

Referrals are fine but there is still all the back and forth to figure out if you have availability, you're in the client's budget and whether there's a good fit to work with the client. Butlr's algorithm removes the heavy lifting to match you with your ideal clients who are ready to work with you right now.


Scheduling & payments handled automatically

You'll shine above the rest when clients experience the delightful simplicity of scheduling and paying for sessions without lifting a finger. You stay fully in control of your clients, your schedule and your rates - we make it easy for you to run a modern practice.

Grow your practice

Personalized Referrals
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Common Questions

What type of clients do you refer?

Clients on our platform are highly motivated to work with a therapist and are ready to book a session. The majority of them have not worked with a therapist before and are taking a huge step in their search. We pride ourselves in attracting a wide range of clients from a diverse background.

What is required to join Butlr Health?

We are looking for top notch therapists who are passionate about their work, non-judgmental and have a clean license without any citations.

Our team will run through a vetting process with you that we have found is quite enjoyable for therapists as well!

Can I use your platform with my current clients or clients I receive outside of Butlr?

You absolutely can. Our platform is designed to make it easy for you to manage client notes, payments and scheduling in one place without needing to over-complicate your work flow. Nearly 80% of therapists use us as their single platform replacing SimplePractice and the need for signing up with multiple directories.

What type of therapists join your network?

We have two types of therapists who join our network:
- therapists who are typically full and like us to keep their empty slots full with their ideal clients, and
- therapists who have not quite figured out how to keep their referrals coming in and would like help with high quality client referrals

One over-arching theme is that all of our therapists are advocates of making the search of finding a good therapist easier for everyone.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. At the time of cancellation you can export out all client data (notes, payment history, client information, etc).

What are the costs of joining Butlr's network?

There are no upfront fees to join our network. Butlr collects 10% of each session fee for clients we match and book to work with you.

How are you different from other directories?

We are nothing like a directory. All of our matches are personalized to ensure a strong therapeutic alliance from the beginning. Directories list you in hopes that someone will view your profile out of hundreds. They send you leads and potential clients reach out to you.

We match each client with only one therapist, and book the first session immediately. Our clients are ready to work with a therapist within the next week.

We empower people searching for a therapist by making the process simple and easy for them. Therapy is hard, finding a great therapist shouldn't be.

Do you offer discounts for group practices?

Not currently as our matching is highly personalized to match a client with a specific therapist not a group practice.

What are your credit card processing fees?

Our fees are industry standard at 3% per transaction.

Are you HIPAA secured?

We sure are. Our platform is secured and meets all HIPAA secured compliance standards.

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